Terms and conditions

  1. This card does not guarantee you access or any particular service at participating venues.
    1. It allows the participating businesses to highlight your needs and direct you to reasonable adjustments they may have in place.
    2. Always look for their Access Statements and Card Policies before use
    3. It is the at the discretion of the business what service and adjustments can be made available to individual customers
  2. If an organisation you use doesn’t have a CredAbility Quality Mark scheme make sure you get them to get in touch with us.
  3. Participating businesses may require more detailed information from you – for example: If you highlight the need for alternative formats of information they will need to know what format you prefer
  4. You acknowledge that you will not request more of a provider that you require to access their service
  5. You acknowledge that CredAbility is a feedback based Quality Assurance System and that, where either good or bad practice / customer service related to disability is received you will feed that back to us.
  6. Misuse of the card will result in loss of validity
  7. The Card remains the property of Nimbus: The Disability Consultancy Service
  8. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change and are expected to develop as the scheme evolves
  9. By agreeing for us to contact you and registering you interests etc you acknowledge that we will be able to filter and direct specific offers, surveys and advertising from CredAble Providers based on the responses you have given.
    1. We will not send you communication that you have not identified as being of interest to you
    2. We will not send you communications that we have not identified as being relevant to you by virtue of the information you provide
  10. We will not share your information with any 3rd party including CredAble Providers
    1. There may be exceptions to this where you application is being sponsored by a third party and, for example, we incorporate the Providers registration form in order to streamline your customer experience
    2. Full amended Terms and Conditions will be made available for any sponsorship arrangement
  11. Replacement cards requested during the active lifetime of your card cost £5
  12. Any material changes to you condition / needs must be shared with us at the earliest opportunity via a change of circumstances form
  13. Returns and refunds
    1. Standard consumer rights apply
    2. If we have made a mistake on your card which is our responsibility we will replace your card free of charge if notified within 14 days of delivery
    3. If there’s a mistake on your card which is your responsibility i.e. a typing mistake when you completed the form we will replace the card for an admin fee of £5.
    4. If we are unable to provide you with a card because of ineligibility we will refund in full within 14 days
    5. If you dispute the symbols we have awarded we will request further information.
      1. If we cannot come to an agreement you have the choice to accept the card at full cost or request a refund which will only be awarded upon your return of the card.

Data Protection

  1. Any information you provide us about your application will be stored securely for the lifetime of your card.
  2. We will not share your information with others but will act as a conduit to share their information with you.
  3. CredAbility is a service provided by Nimbus: Disability Consultancy and we are appropriately registered with the Information Commissioners Office
  4. See also: Privacy Policy