Ambassador Theatre Group Access Registration

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Welcome to the Access Registration page for the Ambassador Theatre Group.

By registering, you can enjoy one of the benefits of having an Access Card by booking your tickets online and over the phone with ATGTheatres.

The application process is exactly the same as the Access Card except for a couple of details:

  • It’s free
    • This is a free registration scheme that only links your details with ATG venues
  • You don’t receive a card
    • Your details cannot be shared with any other venue so you will need to apply separately to other organisations and ticket registration schemes

If you are not able to use online forms and would be unable, because of the nature of your impairment, to access online sales you do still need to register. We will be able to provide those that need telephone bookings with access to a specialist team at ATG.

We will happily help you to register by phone, a paper application or similar – please let us know what format would suit you best 

Upgrade to an Access Card

From listening to the customers that have one, ATG feel that the Access Card is the best solution available for communicating your access requirements

We support Nimbus’ work to provide a single secure card, which means you don’t need to share any more personal information with us than necessary, and that is consistent with other organisations and venues.

We encourage you to look into the work done by the Access Card team elsewhere on this site and view the wide range of organisations and offers you can use with a full Access Card.

You are able to upgrade your registration to a full Access Card application at the beginning or at the end of the application for just £15 for 3 years. For further information just get in touch with the Access Card Team or explore this site.

How The ATG Registration Works

  • The Nimbus team behind the Access Card will process your registration within 72 hours
  • Once your registration has been approved…
    • If you have already reserved tickets with ATG, you can call them to complete the purchase. Details will be included in your confirmation email
    • For all future ticket purchases, you will be able to login to your account with ATG and then purchase tickets for events.
ATG RegistrationAccess Card
3-year cost£0£15
Recognised at ATG Venues for concessions and essential companion tickets
(if applicable)
Way to communicate your needs with privacyxx
Photo ID card with symbols relating to needx
Recognised at venues and events across the UK and beyondx
Potential free companion tickets at events and venues across the UKx
Informative online access directoryx
Closed Facebook Community Groupx

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Click here to start your registration with ATG. This is not an Access Card Application

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