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I’m writing to introduce a unique scheme we run for Disabled People in the UK and beyond: The Access Card, and how we think working with us would be beneficial to your organisation

Who are we?

We, Nimbus Disability, are a Social Enterprise looking to improve accessibility and opportunities for disabled people and this is not a sales pitch!

What is the Access Card?

Basically, the Access Card is a scheme which helps disabled people evidence and communicate their access requirements to businesses and is widely used in accessing tickets to live music and events. 

We work closely with organisations such as TicketMaster and venues like The O2, Arsenal and even Buckingham Palace to name a few.

The system behind the Access Card has also allowed for a range of technical integrations with other organisations systems; either via an API in order to allow real-time verification and self serve on internet-based shopping platforms, or through our web-based verification portal used in Box Offices across the Country

Why are we contacting you?

We are now seeking corporate partners to widen their positive social impact on disabled people and are now asking organisations such as yourselves to acknowledge the Access Card as a means for communicating accessibility and perhaps also in the same way as you might for other groups such as Students with NUS Cards or offering Uniformed Services Discounts.

What’s in it for you?

Our scheme ensures that this will be particularly beneficial to your organisation in a number of ways.

  • Accessing the Purple Pound
    • The Purple Pound is the phrase coined to capture the financial impact of disabled people.
    • In the UK studies have shown UK Households with a disabled person have a disposable income of £249 Billion per annum
    • Customer Loyalty amongst disabled people is higher than that of other groups and their needs dictate the spending patterns of their social circles.
    • We are the only scheme to put you directly in touch with this lucrative market
  • Free Publicity
    • We will actively promote each of your venues directly to our Access Card holders via social media and our interactive directory and map
  • Legal Compliance
    • In the transaction of showing a card to gain a discount an Access Card Holder will also be discreetly sharing their access needs with a member of staff.
    • A simple set of guidelines to show how a member of your team might need to respond to a customer’s needs will, in fact, ensure that they are able to quickly understand and respond to the need to make reasonable adjustments without any need for detail training
  • A Free Access Statement
    • By completing a submission to our website you will be able to share basic accessibility information against each of the symbols on the Access Card.
    • This then becomes a public facing access statement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Offering disabled people a discount isn’t just good business, it’s socially critical as the costs disabled people face on a day to day basis exceed that of non-disabled people.
    • Read the Extra Costs Report commissioned by Scope and see the recommendations about the Access Card on page 35

So what exactly are we asking of you?

We really want to ask you to think about offering disabled customers with an Access Card a discount and/or customer service information.

Each listing on our site contains an overview of your organisation, what your offer is to disabled people and the ways in which you would respond to the access requirements of a cardholder. 

For example – if a customer would have difficulty queuing would you respond by letting them jump a queue when asked?

What Next?

You can submit individual listings via our online form. For multiple outlets, we can work with you to populate a spreadsheet to upload or we can populate listings on your behalf upon confirmation of basic key information.

If you have any questions at all we will, of course, be more than happy to answer them.

I hope you see that this is a worthwhile scheme and that your organisation can be proud to be a part of it.

All the best

The Access Card Team

0330 808 5108

20 Royal Scot Road | Pride Park | Derby | DE24 8AJ

Nimbus: The Disability Consultancy Service 

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